Rigo, Lauren, and Rachel.
Sorry everyone!…had to do it.  First Total Lunar Eclipse(Blood Moon) 2014.  Phoenix, AZ - 1:18 AM.
Josh and Reego. 2013.
Lauren. Tempe, AZ.
Anonymous: When will you be posting up more of your work?

Hopefully soon.

Tio Jorge, California 1987.  Credit: Unknown.
Herrejon Sisters, Mexico 1981.  Credit: Unkwown.

Uler Vtwo | Monopoly King

In case anyone is wondering (I highly doubt it) why no updates/post have been added to this blog.   Basically I was working a full time job with shitty hours for the last 3-4 months.  The full time job left me with very little free time to shoot and zero time to scan my film.  I chose to shoot rather than scan film with the little free time I had.  So it’s really a mixture of not having time to scan/post and also wanting to do a zine with all new material.  I will admit that I have terrible time management skills which didn’t really help the situation.  Anyways, I mostly have been shooting instant film but also have some new/fresh rolls of film.

I’ve since quit that job to go back to school this semester.  I will be back in the darkroom….Yay! It has been two years since I last printed in the darkroom so I’m very excited.  I’m also looking forward to making color prints in the darkroom.  I’ve never printed color in the darkroom before so I will be learning how to this semester.  I have shot a lot of color negatives these past couple of years so I’m stoked to get to print a lot of that work and finally see it in physical form.

I don’t think anyone really cares about this but for some reason I felt the need to type this out.